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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  March 25, 2011 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> reporter: it is finally friday, march 20th fess, top story tracking the storm more we are seeing plenty of rain. storm tracker for james will track it in one minute. several flood advisories and wind advisory is this morning. good morning everyone i'm in the weather center with james we are keeping an eye on this activity out there. well stop anytime soon? >> james: it will be later today than yesterday but we have another storm system for tomorrow. we have rain through portions of the east bay in the south bay. let's see where it is
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falling over the city light to moderate rain most of been on the light side, it is coming down enough so that it will be a bit dim around the bay bridge around oakland, berkeley. over the hills and into the east bay we are going to walnut creek, showers between 24 interchange at highway 4. near concord we have another cell falling right now fairly heavy. that rain extends up bin to the north bay an engine and half in the orange part. heavier showers for the north bay along highway 12. this is tracking to the east and the north, it has that trajectory. expect that to make things
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difficult for now. it will taper off to the better part of the day but showers rebuild and to the evening hours. we see it also down by livermore, pleasanton, and 680 from dublin interchange in to san jose we are seeing showers. in the south bay to the east of san jose. that is where the rain is right now. as for temperatures we are cool like the the past couple of days 48 in oakland, 53 in san jose, in the livermore valley. as far highs this afternoon not bad. mid to upper 50s, 56 in francisco, 58 oakland, 55 san jose, 55 for the delta and livermore valley. your 70 forecast will show the storm
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system for saturday, the system is finally getting to us today, just behind it we have another system pulling down rain forest friday night into saturday morning. most is the day on saturday we will see right, chances of showers continue sunday. hanging on to them briefly monday, tuesday and then wednesday, thursday we really see the sun shine in the drier conditions warmer temperatures as well the highs getting near 70. at 4 02 a.m. let's check your ride. >> erica: no hot spots off the bat, but are fair share of problems in the traffic center. they're not causing any problems around the bay area, like usual we have strong wind advisories for number of bay area bridges. traffic is moving wall but look
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out for pools of standing water. although it is wet, windy out there and it won't affect your drive time nine minutes from the foot of the maze towards fremont streets have francisco. strong wind advisory at this san mateo bridge, you can see the traffic is light at this hour. no problems here but keep in mind we have that strong wind advisory in effect at the benicia bridge. taking it to the traffic maps the dunbarton bridge we have over night construction at a high-rise shutting down the to right-hand lanes that is in effect until 5:00 a.m.. still seeing green on the maps indicating speeds above 50 mi. an hour. >> reporter: team coverage can to news with the storm coverage. some home owners have been asked to evacuate because of threat
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of a plan to slide. >> reporter: in san paulo the agreement ground broke apart part of the house i the cement patio was built on a giveaway. there's nothing supporting the patio as it hangs in the air. the people who owned a home notice there something wrong. >> the kid said we didn't have a backyard any more. i came out and saw the big hole. there is nothing to stop it. >> reporter: they were going to put a bounce out here for their kids party on saturday but decided not to because of the rain. >> i'm still in shock because of all that. and trying to assess the damage, and hopefully they will take responsibility. they knew when they built these homes
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this was a slide area. >> reporter: the same thing happened to this back, >> the footings on my deck one of them have come loose on the deck, to more will probably be gone. my home that i have been in here for all of these years is in jeopardy now. >> reporter: near felton residents near the san lorenzo river are back, after rising water levels forced emergency evacuation. this is video from yesterday when the water spilled over. they were told to immediately leave the area after the national. once the water dropped the evacuation level was dropped. 4 mi. away from that in the santa cruz mountains another mud slide. all large tracking down the slide
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blocking conference drive. until the road reopens an alternate route has been made available. in santa cruz mountains residents near scotts valley work to restore access to homes blocked by a huge landslide have been delayed. public works says it is too wet and muddy for construction to begin on a new road around the slide. for now people have to use a 200 yd walking paths to get to and from their homes. just up the street from the big slide is a falling tree destroyed in a home yesterday a woman and the dog or inside the house when this happened but they both are able to escape safely. heavy wind and high winds took out trees around the area yesterday. problems across bay area roads emergency crew shut down highway 1 in pacific after high winds toppled the utility pole. this
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is video from the storm yesterday traffic was backed up for more than a mile yesterday. all lanes had not reopened. more trouble on highway one and the north bay, a section started collapsing, caltrans close the southbound lane after a deep crack appeared. heavy rain is causing the ground to sand. they will take soil samples to work on ethics. many roads were flooded in martinez, this is a road yesterday, chris had to take it slow in some areas because flood waters were washing out the streets. most problems were caused by the creek, flash floods washed out beaver dams. >> reporter: here on shepherd
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camera in the open hills roadside gets flooded due to the heavy rain. this card that stopped in 4 ft. of standing water. health and fire department was called in to rescue the driver who was not injured. hurt toyota did not fare as well. the water has drained but there is still mud water covering the floor on the driver's side. it didn't take long for the public works department to remove the mud and debris that overran the drainage system. the fire department says flooding in this area happens windier, two years ago fire fighters say they had to rescue somebody else who bought stock the same location. on shepherd can and kron 4 news. >> reporter: power outages in the bay area, north bay 150 people are without power, south bay 80, in the peninsula 18
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75 people without power, he5 stay75 people without power. for more whether video and photographs details if are not on the are go on line at kron 4 dot com.
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>> caller: >> reporter >> reporter: alive look at tahoe. this is the north star, we will get updated on the forecast a moment. international news. in ethiopia they have a
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meeting that are going to deal with libya they're expected to attend meanwhile fighter just keep inside libya. they have been neutered relies. ifbeen neutralized. the toughest operation will be led by the united states which we have been anxious to give up this role. japanese nuclear safety official said they suspect the reactor core i you know one of the troubled nuclear plant may have been breached. that raises more possibilities of severe radio active containment and the the merriment. the agency says the death toll the hat from the tsunami and earthquakes has topped 10,000 people. more than
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17,000 people are listed as missing. a 6.8 earthquake was felt as far away as china and thailand appeared 20 people believe to be dead by the quake. reports say the death toll could rise, the country is under developed with poor communication and a small rescue capacity. the quake was 7.0 then hires and then measured lower. coming up on the morning news, updated on what's happening locally. news wise, a dark look of sidon for 1:00 pm from our roof camera. war showers on the way but what about the weekend will things clear up?
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>> james: a quick look at our
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weather. alive look at albany interstate 80 the traffiwe are g some rain coming down. we have scattered showers making their way around the bay. let's break down what we expect for today's weather. temperatures will be cool, scattered showers this morning and this afternoon. those showers intensified overnight in advance of a storm we see setting up for saturday. that will be near as intense as yesterday but will bring us a good bit of rain on the last. a look at the wet weather, the alive look over livermore. i want to show you a wider view of the bay, we have scattered showers bay area wide. we have some intense showers over san francisco, stretching and concord. let's see where we see
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the rain in the city. a light cell near daily city, moderate showers more working their way in oakland we see fairly intense showers over the macarthur maze. the bay bridge as well. if your plug it to head to the toll plaza we have a lot of standing water. everybody is taking it slow. that speckling, all that rain bouncing off puddles. really slow as you reach the top house and give yourself extra time. let's move the maps over to highway 24 we have another moderate to heavy still working its way through. you geysers in heavy rain right now, 680 highway for. as you
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make your way out to the delta also senior rain at the moment. further to the north highway toiles a lot of heavy rain falling. connection a half per hour. livermore valley it is wet for you this morning from about 2 05 to the dublin interchange. in the south bay critical to scattered showers right now, if you make your ride along 1 01 south of san jose will run into light showers as well. that will be the situation today light to moderate shower activity throughout the day. intensifying over night. we are in the upper 40's for the most part, 51 as san rosa, 50 mountain view.
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your highs today 55 in san jose, 50 in oakland, 55 out of livermore and in india. it will be a cool afternoon and we will hold on to that for the tomorrow to. the storm system their role by yesterday is moving out, another band of showers coming in for saturday. we have back high surf advisory in effect until 3:00 p.m. today. swell's could get up to 21 ft., the seven day forecast showers continue today and then it comes back in on saturday, the beginning of next week we have a dry weather system. >> erica: no hot spots, no accidents out on the roadways but we certainly have our fair
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share of weather related issues. the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza, we have a strong wind advisory the fact. it has been issued by chp and caltrans this morning. drive with extra caution, watcher speeds and watch the cars around you. we know what problems like we saw yesterday out there. the same story at the san mateo bridge this morning, was and and eastbound 92 affected by the strong wind advisory same with the benicia bridge. drive for the extra caution out there but you're taking the san mateo bridge tracking an excellent drive time off 13 minutes across this ban. down in the south bay no hot spots or problem spots tell you about right now. i trembled in the cruise it is still quiet up towards and clara, if you were thinking about taking ace train you may
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have to reschedule service has been suspended due to mud and debris sitting on the tracks. ace train will not be setting up a bus bridges they are completely canceling their service. >> reporter: 4:20 a.m., in fairfax a tree fell and less people stuck in their homes. the tree was moved, the road has been reopened. no injuries were reported. the pine tree that came down on a house in martinez was pretty bad. the homeowner says there's no damage to the two-story home. it was definitely a frightening we get calls from a tree that has special meeting. >> 4:00 a.m. the sound was so loud, i really didn't know what
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it was. it was just a loud boom. >> we planted the tree 15 years ago, we planted during our courtship. >> reporter: nobody was hurt and the tree will have to stay word is right now because they cannot clear it out until the ground dries up. wet weather has been knocking down trees in mill valley as well. >> reporter: when you're looking at is a tree trimmer cutting about a tree that crashed down tamil valley, when i assume out you can see how big it is, it is at least 100 ft. tall. it landed on the roof of that house. a family was home but nobody was hurt, doesn't appear to be any visible damage to the house, they have had numerous calls of " trees falling since the storm began. >> reporter: 4 more video and
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the latest and year for test code to our web site new details on the man who forced the closure of the bay bridge in november, he will be sentenced today, he stopped on the upper deck of the bridge with the 60 year-old daughter in the car, he threatened to take his life he pleaded guilty to felony child endangerment and making a false bomb threat in exchange for one year sentence in county jail. the perjury trial for barry bonds is taking a break today, it continues monday appeared in court yesterday the fourth to the trial on official with the anti doping agency talked with the side effects of using too many parents. >> reporter: defense attorneys questioned the " credibility of
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steve by pointing out inconsistencies between his testimony in prior statements he made. whether bonds told him he was reporting him to authorities for fraud. just what his sister told him about seeing bonds being injected. he did testify after all both surgery the physician told him this can only be caused by steroids. prosecutors had him clarify what he did sign the signature of least once he did so with bonds permission. the next witness was larry bowers, the science officer with the anti-dumping agency. he testified over the years designer steroids have become more popular as at least tried to build muscle and avoid detection. acne, baldness, body hair, impotence aunt's shrinkage of the testicles. there are
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studies linking steroids to a an anchor. he said growth hormone can and large body parts the head, hands, feet. the defense suggested there are not enough studies to support bowers of opinions. it is expected future prosecution was thicknesses will take the stand and say barry bonds exhibited many side effects that powers talked about. >> reporter: coming up on kron 4 morning news, the very latest on the storm in the bay area and the sierra. a quick program note don't forget about our baseball special airing this sunday at 8:00 p.m. guidry has everything you need to know at baseball by the bay.
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>> reporter: a lookit here 7 day around bay, more showers for as saturday, sunday we are warming up and drying up by the middle of next week. we see were the showers are this morning if you haven't stepped outside a more
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cutbacks as the budget battle continues today, he signed 13 bills to yesterday to reduce the deficit, he repeated his calls for legislators to let people vote to extend tax cuts. wall street has been on a roll this week investors have seen the worst fears eased, he gained 85 points, the nasdaq surged 38 points. oracle reported quarterly profit was up 78% in the latest quarter. our rise in the software license cell and three months our revenue from my chrysostom. u.s. postal service hopes to eliminate 7500 and administrative jobs by offering
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a buyout to veteran workers. the postal service is struggling and will close 2000 post offices. they want to scale back a saturday delivery service. let's get you updated on those rather expensive gas prices around the bay area. san francisco $4.50 a gallon, oakland $3.99, san jose $4. coming up on kron 4 morning news, updating your forecast, another look your radar and find out what's in store for the weekend. the san mateo bridge, traffic is picking up all local
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>> reporter: 4:30 a.m., we are
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seen plenty of rain on the screen right now the bigger spobox is storm tracker for. we have windy advisory as an flood advisories in effect. thank you for joining us today you are very busy keeping an eye and everything going on. >> james: we have sporadic showers moving away around the bay. lets focused on the heaviest rain. starting with san francisco we had some rain moment ago but now it is pushing off to the east. offshore we have cells but are white. san francisco can expect more sporadic showers momentarily. towards oakland we had the macarthur maze under rain a moment ago. along 24 and to walnut creek a steady stream of showers there. we are seeing
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rainfall rates at half inch per hour that is affecting the ride along a highway for right now. as we slide the map uc antioch, pratt would seem heavier showers this morning. all the stuff of walnut creek will tran its way into the delta o. further southn the livermore valley we had showers over downtown, it seems to be tracking down a long tracy and 580, you can see milpitas seeing it right now, cupertino and campbell seeing a cell move begin momentarily. we will see
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on-again, off-again showers through the morning. we can have heavy cells moving through as well, it will be intense as we made our way through. i want to show you quickly future cast 4 set for sorry the timing is all lost. long story short we will see showers through saturday, nothing is bad as we saw yesterday but shatters on saturday and that extends through sunday. i wet weekend ahead. your afternoon highs mid to upper 50s, 55 napa, 57 fremont, 57 mountain view. it will be a mild, cool morning for you with sporadic shower activity. your 70 forecast we have in store for us the rain saturday, the weekend will be
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wet but often to next week monday, tuesday we taper back on the shower activity. lets lookit your morning commute. >> erica: all that unstable weather having an impact on your friday morning ride. no hot spots to tell you about, we are good in terms of accidents, but we do have special traffic advisories due to the winds out there. westbound 80 the persian the bay bridge shop was up reports of standing water. be aware of that is to make your way toward san francisco this morning. traffic is still very light at this hour, moving well from all three approaches. at the san mateo bridge the same story wet weather and a strong wind advisory in effect for west and in eastbound 92 this morning. same goes for the benicia bridge. keep both hands
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on the storsteering wheel. dunba bridge, we have over night construction at the high rise closing down the to right-hand lanes until 5:00 a.m. this morning. we still see green on the maps indicate 50 mi. an hour. in the sierra we have several closures due to wipe out a fax. interstate 8 i-80 close from colfax the state line, change on highway 50, and highway 88 is closed from dewdrop to pick it junction. >> reporter: fairfax of car was crushed by a falling tree. you can see it didn't fare so well during the storm. it looks like this is part of the bomb or or
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something. here's the tree trunk right here. that tree has been removed in this video came and to the kron 4 newsroom. we will turn to rob who shows us more from the storm. >> reporter: heavy rain and high winds is causing this kind of damage, 100 ft. i tree came crashing into this, off highway 9 just out of ben lomond. nobody was home so there's no injuries but a lot of damage of a house here. the tree crashed into a bedroom. they went through the home to make sure there was in fact nobody home at the time. the better inside is leaking, they are in touch with the owner who is making their way here to assess the damage. >> reporter: and one of the big
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problems from the storm, lots of trees coming down. this is a normal county where a tree fell on top of the house. you can see the holes poking out of the roof. the homeowners as he is ok but shaken up after seeing his house fall apart. we turned to john f. bush where more trees fell victim to the storms. >> reporter: this is fairfax, look at this nissan, this tree fell around 11:00 a.m. nobody got hurt during the accident. it is see how much damage this tree caused. another problem that this cost was a lot of people who live on the other side of the road were trapped in their own homes and couldn't get out until they got this cleared. >> reporter: the downpour raise concerns for people living near the send as salt creek. you can
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see how things progress jus. >> reporter: every rains and rising creek waters made thing.s owners run edge but the afternoon saw creeks drop and they had a sigh of relief. the water did reached the stairs, you can see the levels have felt a bit. more rain coming in the coming days in secret will probably rise again. >> reporter: near felton, residents near the san lorenzo river are back, after rising water levels forced evacuation spirit sirens and 911 calls
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warned people to immediately leave the area after the national weather service issued a flash flood warning. once the levels dropped people were able to go back home. 4 mi. away from there in the santa cruz mountains crews are working to clear a large tree that is blocking conference drive. until the road reopens an alternate route has been made available. continuing coverage in the santa cruz mountains more bad news for residents near the scotts valley work to restore access to homes blocked by the mud slide has been delayed. they say they areas to wet and to my before any construction to begin on a new road around his leg. people live there still have to use a 200 yd walking paths to get to from their homes. just up the
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street a home badly damaged by a falling tree. this video is hard to look at. this is the center ridge of the home that was destroyed. the woman and dog were inside and boats were built to get outside ok. heavy rain and high winds downed trees all through this and agrees mountains. everybody seemed to have power in san francisco, north bay 150 people without power, south bay 80, peninsula 1875. peninsula outages will be restored today sometime between 9:00 a.m. and noon. no reports on one everybody else that serve our back on. for more whether video, and your photographs have been coming in and the latest details on your forecast could your web sites. our storm
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>> reporter: the seven dave forecast shows as we might have to wait until next week for to clear up. if you are trying idrn the rain leave the extra time to get to your destination. kron 4 stanley roberts take look at the etiquette around carrying an umbrella. >> stanley: when it's raining outside crown umbrellas a good idea but there are rules. when you decide to komondors the
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umbrella is useless. so close that. don't be like this guy. or this man who is expecting a downpour at any moment while he is inside the civic center per station. see these large mats on the floor, the arab part stations they can shake the water from brought up. and maybe what your feet. most people bypass the mats and shake their umbrellas on the floors. but this man who walks past the mat and then walks over and shakes the water on the floor. soon the floor looks like this, totally wet and very slippery will we are on the subject of umbrellas, what's up with golf umbrellas,
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some moralistic of the sidewalk. if you're having a conversation, it's ok to share an umbrella. changing subjects when driving remember if you have your wipers on, you must turn on your headlights. it's a lot. and whether it's raining or not, if he c s/in red traffic light treated like a traffic sign. running the like could give you a ticket even in the rain. sty try to stay dry and drive carefully. stanley roberts, kron 4 news. >> reporter: i was get poked in the ad by other people's numberless. the we do report on that? bay to breakers sold out two months before the event now registration is open to accommodate more people. i'm sure that's good news to a lot
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of people. if you do want to register go to our web site and look for the like to the registration page, don't forget we are your station you to watch all the coverage on race morning may 15th, from 8:00 a.m. until 10:00 a.m. we will be back in 60 seconds.
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>> reporter: on this friday morning, a look at lake tahoe. that is snow on the ground, more might be on the way. let's check in with james. >> james: winter storm warning in effect for tahoe, they have lot of snow on the ground, interstate 80 shut down because of all the snow. we will have more from erica on the a trouble up there. in the meantime we are
4:46 am
looking at a cell coming onshore right now. it is getting wider through downtown daly city, also in oakland it was like the map we see right near oakland downtown area we see light to moderate rain. in any event moderate showers falling there, warm lick creek into alamo and then fell we have heavy showers. also and to the delta heavy shower over antioch and pittsburgh. a lot of rain coming down for highway 4. further to the north highway 12 we have been tracking the salt, it continues to push off to the east, that is the general direction right now to east. we have that's all over livermore
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but now it's over by tracy. things clearing up through the livermore valley on 580. we are seeing on and off again showers in campbell, cupertino. for the most part it is like this morning, as you make your drive to be surprised if you come across to heavy rain. we saw some yellow on the maps near walnut creek in oakland. taking a quick look at future cast 4 for saturday. that's the next big storm. this is what it looks like at 3 am saturday morning heavy showers to the north, advancing clocks to 6:00 a.m. is widespread with heavy showers will into the north bay, by 3:00 p.m. showers will be fine. sunday another brief system comes then this will be a wet weekend the system doesn't last
4:48 am
long. showers for saturday, lighter showers sunday. you have that to look forward to that i guess. your highs this afternoon 55 degrees expect to happen bay, 55 san jose, livermore, antioch, you san rosa. you get the idea mid-50s for everyone. once we get past the wet whether for the weekend, we are mellowing in out monday, tuesday was random showers from the weekend storm. by thursday, friday we warming up back into the '70s. >> erica: to answer your earlier question, if you're headed to the sierra it is shut down along 80 from colfax to a nevada state line. pretty much
4:49 am
everywhere else you need chains, are rough ride up to the sierra this morning, back in the bay area tracking mild conditions no major closures. we have a strong wind advisor at the bay bridge this morning also at the san mateo bridge. the british bridge as well, caltrans watcher speeds and keep both hands on the steering drive with extra caution a drive time of about 40 minutes between 81 01. if you're thinking about ace train for those of you turning and, service has been suspended today due to all the mud and debris on the tracks. ace train will not be setting up a bus bridge like yesterday. if you were taking ace train to the south bay you have to find an alternate route. >> reporter: team coverage of the whether it is causing a lot
4:50 am
of problems and especially where landslides have happened in the past. >> reporter: aunt's maid grosone stones coming down the hill into the roadway. this is the 6500 block of state road, drivers be where. it has to come rows some of the twists and turns a there are rocks that can do major damage. mudslides and rock slides and scenes like this are often early indicators of more rocks lights to come. >> reporter: arching coverage of the weather now moves to south san francisco. kron 4 ski thompson. >> reporter: high winds and causing damage up and down the peninsula, you can see the strong winds knocking over a
4:51 am
basketball hoop. and ripping this realistic side from the post. in daly city the traffic light bouncing up and down like a piece of rubber in the high wind spirit also true coming down out of somebody's front yard in south san francisco. their roots ripping out of the ground. kay thompson kron 4 news. >> reporter: state regulators are considering lowering fines against pg&e to $3 million, the fine was because of a gas line explosion, if they do lower at it has to be true requirements. the initialized a plan to find them a million dollars a day, after pg&e failed to hand over safety records for transmission lines. customers may soon be
4:52 am
able to opt out of the smart meter program. the commission says the meters are meant to reduce energy use, critics say in the mets' radiation which pg&e has denied the man who confessed to killing chauncey bailey in 2007 testified yesterday he said he joined the bakery because they needed more members. he is charged with three counts of murders for the killing of bailey and two other people. the case of a young man accused of deadening to put bombs in san mateo, prosecutors say in 2009 he tried to kill his high school teachers with 10 homemade pipe bombs. he also had a samurai sword and a chain saw. 17 year-old murder case a man
4:53 am
was shot in the parking lot of applied materials in santa clara just as he arrived for work. unsolved mysteries did highlight this case. they are offering them award of $100,000. coming up alive look at your weather forecast. plus your traffic report. a quick reminder before we go to break. don't forget about our baseball but the special this saturday at 8:00 p.m. we will look at the giants and the aidas. we will be right back.
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>> reporter: 0 m g. it is
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finally get recognized in the dictionary. they added this word and several other items to their on-line edition. new words in the dictionary. they are made popular by on blind chat centoxiand taxing. all m g, this for oh my gosh, l o l laugh out loud, fyi, for reformation. we will be right back with your weather forecast for today. now allow oil and there. we will be right back.
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>> reporter: are our top story this morning, another storm is on its way but damage has been done to homes and roads. >> darya: windy advisory as for bay area bridges we will tell you what need to know. >> reporter: more snow in the sierra, a major highway is closed details as kron 4 morning news at 5:00 p.m. starts now. >> darya: good morning i'm in the weather center with james. i didn't get what this morning by a imagine i will at some point today. >> james: take a look at storm tracker for some cells ruling for san francisco. downtown the
5:01 am
embarcadero underneath some shower activity at the moment. daly city as well. 1 01 seeing showers, as we move over to the east bay, oakland, alameda dealing with showers right now tracking into the hills. and is an area that doesn't need any more rain. we will get a little more water but not as much as yesterday. in the east bay we are dealing with moderate to heavy rain right now being reported in walnut creek along 680 corridor. a third of an inch or more following there. clayton seeing that, at this stretches all the way up to the delta as well. antioch dealing with heavy showers. over the bridge we see heavy rainfall, brentwood on the edge of this. we were watching heavier rain near birds landing
5:02 am
but that is moving. for there to the south, it is clear right now but we had heavy rain over there this morning. in san jose dealing with that light on an napa off-again shower activity. and off again showers. showers continuing to the evening hours. 9:00 ap.m. we see the showers moving, by 6:00 a.m. heavy showers across the north bay. light to moderate showers for everyone else. this is saturday morning. by 1:00 p.m. the showers move off than we fast for to sunday we have a small
5:03 am
system sunday as well. 3:00 p.m. light showers and north bay, by 8:00 p.m. they are through the heart of the bay but then by a 9:00 p.m. it is all gone. it is a brief system. long story short it will be what today, whether tomorrow, light showers sunday afternoon and evening. temperatures right now 58 in oakland, 55 down in san jose, are 70 forecast shows once we can pass those showers on sunday and on to a sprinkle or two monday and tuesday but then wednesday, thursday we will see sunshine and finally some warm temperatures. let's check your ride. >> george: a good start your commute, much better than yesterday no hot spots to track. westbound no problems across the upper deck, wind advisories for
5:04 am
the san mateo bridge, also for the bay bridge. the wind advisory also covers the benicia bridge, not the carquinez for some reason. as a consequence of yesterday's storms, there is no a strains or service today. there was no service yesterday for the commute they substituted us bridges. but this morning they're not even doing that. it's not expected it will be back in service until the 25th. likely you'll have to find another means of transportation which could put extra pressure on 580 this morning. >> darya: continuing team coverage yoli it is live and san anselmo. >> reporter: we are looking at a
5:05 am
relief. this is the creek that runs along san anselmo it has significantly gone down. it is a big sigh of relief. today is the day they to recuperate from the damage that was done yesterday. they has your problems, and just over flooding. that has gone down. i have seen utility trucks for phone lines installed along the way. they are trying to do repairs. today is ruperrecupera. a big sigh of relief to see the creek is down today. >> darya: i wonder with all the brush and wildlife because the winds were crazy. do you see a lot of damage? >> reporter: where i am in looks clean up, it is like the middle of town where it's most likely to get cleaned up more quickly.
5:06 am
at my immediate surrounding things are cleaned up. >> reporter: residents near san lorenzo river are back home. there river spilled over yesterday sirens and reverse 911 calls told people to immediately leave the area after the issued a flash flood warning. 4 mi. away and other large mud slide in the santa cruz mountains. they are trying clear of a large tree that came crashing down, it is blocking conference drive. until there road reopens alternate routes have been made available >> darya: also more bad news near scotts valley. work to restore access to homes has been
5:07 am
delayed now. they say the areas to wet and muddy for any construction to begin on a new road around a slide. for now people have to use the 200 yd walking path. to get to and from their homes. just up the street from that slide, a home badly damaged by a falling tree. it took about half the house appeared this happened yesterday, a woman and her dog were inside when this happened. they both got out ok. heavy rain and heavy winds down trees through the center chris mountains. >> reporter: coming up on the kron 4 morning news we will keep you updated on the national and international stories buried alive look at the james lick freeway. george will have
5:08 am
it's really delicious, mom.
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get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along. >> darya: taking a live look at
5:11 am
this snow falling in tahoe. you can see truckee and south lake have snow there. they just got done with the foot of snow in the past 24 hours. taking a look at the video we have. this is eye-80 and truckee. 80 is closed to the state line there because you can't see. highway 50 admirers, and 50 as the run. unique chains on 50 from placerville. 88 is closed from to drop to pick it junction. >> reporter: yosemite as then after being closed for a couple of days. theis back open. the re been cleared of fallen trees and
5:12 am
snow. they're trying to your replace a power transmission poles that was knocked out by a landslide. just as one park reopens another one closes. they closed a park in recent stormy weather. it was close to the public for p.m. yesterday afternoon due to hazardous conditions because of head room wind and rain. they will assess the conditions and decide if they can reopen it or keep a close by 9:00 a.m. today >> darya: 5:12 p.m. we will be back on this friday morning. it is wet, but the traffic is light.
5:13 am
5:14 am
5:15 am
5:16 am
>> reporter: yesterday morning was some bad then all heck broke loose later in the day. renown not bad at all refreshing change from a day ago. >> reporter: we will check through with you throughout the morning. it sounds like things will pick up? >> james: by this evening they will appear let's break down what we expect of the next three days. today cool throughout and showers through the day. tomorrow wet and windy again. the larger accumulation of the north bay. sunday we have another band of showers moving through bringing us maybe a few
5:17 am
crops in the evening hours. we have showers moving into the north bay right now, tracking towards san rafael. within the next 10 minutes you should get sprinkles out of this system light to moderate showers. san francisco saw rain just a while ago but it is moving out now. the macarthur maze looks like bill wet ride for you. highway 24 also seeing showers this morning. walnut creek was under heavy rain a moment ago that has moved off to the east. this bill is moving right for antioch and brentwood. they just off a cell leave them. rain a break, more
5:18 am
rain and another break. it will be like that all morning long feared let's jump to the south bay where cracks loclegggreg w's easterly winds, that's the way the storms are going. we expect showers to build over night, by 9:00 p.m. light showers in the north bay, then it goes bay area wide by about 3:00 a.m. saturday, heavier showers in view. they invoked it area by six. showers in the north bay going to the middle of the bay by 8:00 p.m. on sunday, got my ninth. it will be enough to make the weekend wet. 50 is emphasis
5:19 am
gulf mid-40s in the south bay and looking for mid to upper 40's ever world's. this is this system we are dealing with, saturday system zooming in, as we take a look a your 74 test we see this saturday, sunday rain system moving. next week in looks bright, warmer. >> george: not tracking any hot spots. no delays or problems, there is high standing water at the toll plaza. wind advisory here also at the san mateo bridge. chp issued it. also for the nation bridge as well but not for the carquinez. big problems in the sierra right now with chain requirements
5:20 am
enclosures in place. interstate 80 closed in both directions between colfax and the state line. chains are required on 50, a change are required on portions of 88 but it did shut down between dewdrop and pickets junction. highway 4 is closed from our rebut to highway 89. no ace train service there is a mud and debris on the tracks and they are not providing any bus bridges as they did yesterday afternoon. >> reporter: much of the water has been pumped out at the burlingame condo complex. but not without suffering massive damage. this is the second time in has taken on that much water to drain. it is deschutes eight years ago they suffered through the very same problems. the
5:21 am
elevator is broken because of the flooding, one resident 91 years old has to stay with a friend until this is fixed. will tran is that the complex checking with him later. >> darya: in san pablo a landslide and son residents has been affixed tsome residents had to leave. that was a patio their, their next-door neighbors have damage as well. the ground broke apart separating from the back door. part of the hillside also gave way. the owner and the kids first noticed the damage. >> they said mom we don't have a backyard anymore. i came up and saw a whole. our neighbors live down there they have are mud slide in their property.
5:22 am
>> darya: the family is trying to assess the damage hugging the city will help pay for the repairs. >> reporter: in fairfax a tree fell on at s you be blocking road and leaving some people trapped inside their homes. crews tried to cut away parts of the tree to free at. the jury was cleared and the road has been reopened. feel bad for this car owner. no injuries reported. another tree fell on to the house, on snow drive yesterday the big pine tree came down around 4:00 a.m. the homeowner says there's no damage to the house but it was definitely a very frightening way to wake up. the tree will have to stay word is now off because cleanup crews cannot clean it up until the ground dries up a bit. >> darya: and when will that happen? 5:22 a.m. we will be right back. the approach to the
5:23 am
bay bridge looks wet but ok.
5:24 am
5:25 am
5:26 am
>> darya: welcome back taking look at storm trucker for. you can see there is some rain, in the north bay north of san francisco. and some in the east bay as well. the rating yellow cell east of concord is the biggest downpour. we have wet pavement but no big downpour's except for that one. we are waiting for more rain today. >> reporter: the latest in japan japanese safety officials say they suspect the reactor core at the net one of the troubled power plant may have been breached. that raises the possibility of more severe
5:27 am
radioactive contamination to the merriment. japan's police agencies as the death toll from the earthquake and tsunami that happened two weeks ago today has top-10 thousand people. more than 17,000 people are still listed as missing. the 6.8 man omar earthquake was felt as far as thailand and china. 20 people are believed to been killed. that death toll could continue to rise it is an underdeveloped country with poor communication. a very small rescue capacity is not going to make things easy there. the country peg the quake at some 0.0 which is higher than the measurement that the u.s. geological survey pin did that. >> darya: african union meeting in ethiopia will be trying to deal with the situation in libya. rebels and the government of khaddafi are expected to be
5:28 am
there. french fighter jets hit aircraft and cross road military base deep inside of libya. they have been effectively neutralized. nato agreed to take over enforcement of the no-fly zone. the most controversial portion attacks on the ground will continue to be led by the united states which has been anxious to give up that lead role. 5:20 a.m. we will be back in a couple of minutes. alive look in san anselmo they were concerned about flooding yesterday, they will be a will to do some clean-up today.
5:29 am
5:30 am
>> darya: james i don't know of
5:31 am
this is light yesterday because we were talking it was raining more earlier yesterday. >> james: yesterday we started late and got big during our commute. we have light showers right now, some of them heavy but it will light and as we get into noontime. then there rebuilds in the evening hours. another system is coming in saturday. right now over the north bay sausalito over some rain, also san rafael as well. this system probably headed towards the bridge right here. san francisco had showers just a while ago, it is now headed toward oakland. oakland you will see light to moderate showers. in berkeley the hills here light showers along 24 through the
5:32 am
caldecott tunnel. that whole ride will be a wet one. 680 south along the creek all wet one for you. cleaning clearing up but this yellow raid over antioch and brentwood. heavy rain. 1.3 in. of rain per hour. have rain if you're living in the next hour or so. south bay looking clear right now scattered showers this morning but so far so good. future cast 4 shows building showers, this is the star system coming in for saturday. heavier showers interview in the north bay getting socked in by 6:00 a.m..
5:33 am
then by 1:00 p.m. it's all gone. and then sunday another system comes and. by 8:00 p.m. the showers will be through the heart of the bay, an hour later it's gone. it's a quick and light moving system. temperatures right now upper 40's low 50s. it is a chilly what start this morning. often to the east and west we have another system coming in saturday. your 70 forecast shows once we get past the rain we dry things out by wednesday. temperatures are back up into the '70s. >> george: flooding at the bay bridge toll plaza this morning as centerlineat the center lanet
5:34 am
spots free drive around the bay area. wind advisories at the oakland bridge at the san mateo bridge here, could traffic conditions. wind advisory for the benicia bridge as you see here. but not the carquinez. 680 is windy as you cross through martinez. closures this morning the sierra, first look at san francisco wet but light traffic. interstate 80 is close right now from colfax to the state line. highway 4 is shut down, and chains required in other portions of it. ace train no service this morning cancelled because of mud and debris on the tracks. >> darya: continuing coverage of the weather now. yoli is live in san anselmo where they saw some
5:35 am
flooding yesterday. >> reporter: it looks like they are in the recovery stages. driving up here is awesome utility trucks trying to repair some wires. for the most part things look fairly clean up. you still see the sand bags and that stuff but i really wanted to show the creek that runs through here. people were very worried. you can see how far away the water line is from the bridge. that is probably a sigh of relief for lot of people. we have a good clearance maybe 8 ft.. it really is an important day to catch up before the next door. >> darya: is it raining or anything right now? >> reporter: it is spotty. i can
5:36 am
see stars and then there rain cloud comes by. and then it just passes the sum of bad right now. >> darya: 8 you yoli. >> reporter: many roads were flooded expression in martinez. flood waters were washing out the stream here. plus of the problems were caused by the creek, the flash floods washed out the beaver dam, as we see is a similar scene in the oakland hills. >> reporter: on shepherd canyon the roadside get flooded due to the heavy rain. this card debts deccan 4 ft. of standing water. they rescued the driver was not injured. however her toyota did not as fair as well. the water drained but you can see there is money water covering the floor.
5:37 am
it didn't take long for the public works to remove the mud and debris that had overrun the drainage system. they say flooding in this area happens once a year, in fact to years ago firefighter said they had to rescue somebody else who got stuck in the same location. >> darya: $1 and a lot of luck make a one white. the megabucks lottery climes. kron 4 is your lottery station you could watch the drama here tonight at 8:00 p.m. but stick alive look at san jose the camera is shaking with the wind. conditions and not as bad as they were yesterday morning. so far so good. hey marcel, watch this!
5:38 am
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>> darya: alive look at tahoe
5:41 am
and myers. visibility has been a problem, they get more and more snow. they have a fresh foot now. >> james: they could get another one-2 ft. potentially. storm tracker for you can see this snow line right now. winter storm warning in effect for the sierra. expect travel to be complicated all the more today. it has been at refco. highway 80, 88 and 4 has areas that are shut down completely right now. that is causing quite of conditions. they shut travel down, no word on when they will reopen that. again that warning is in effect until about 11:00 a.m. this morning. 2,000 ft. you
5:42 am
will have snow. one-2 ft. above 7,000 ft., today snow should come down 40 degrees is the afternoon high. tomorrow we have four-8 in. of snow but we will update that for you. pleasant conditions through sunday as well. getting up there is going to be a problem. we will take a quick break much more straight ahead.
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
>> reporter: getting up of a break from the rain right now. burlingame apartments have had a lot of problems. >> will: sandbags were no match against the heavy rain. leaving behind nothing but debris. beds,
5:46 am
furniture, other items were damaged by this. these cars were parked after it was pumped out. the lay of the land is probably why flooded in the first place. you have to drive down a slope here, at least it was the broad to and not the apartment units that got soaked. >> darya: let's see when the heavy stuff will fall james? >> james: probably later tonight. but we are dealing with some heavy rains in the delta right now. we will get to that in a second. in the north bay we see rain over the golden gate. if you're a richmond you will get a lot more wet. the bottom edge impacting northern san francisco. this continues to scrape its way across to getting the embarcadero before too long. it makes its way towards
5:47 am
emeryville and albany. that part will soon be wet between oakland and richmond. oakland dealing with rain showers of its own, most of it in the hills. but hopefully will last much longer. your ride around 240 wet wind from walnut creek up to highway for. heavier showers east on highway 4 towards antioch. brentwood heavy rain at the moment. at one point it was 1.3 in. of our. as showers move that way they will be under the rain for a bit while longer. in the south bay we are seeing sprinkles in campbell. inmate track highway 85 before to long. we expect showers to bill this evening by 9:00 p.m. another system of sen. it impacts as
5:48 am
mostly sundaysaturday. by about0 a.m. moderate rainfall and then by 1:00 p.m. it is gone. and then on sunday another system is coming in. much lighter. by 3:00 p.m. it will common, and then by 9:00 p.m. it will be all but gone. it will and give unot giva lot of rain just make it wet. here's our are temperatures this morning, upper 40's low 50s. these are the systems coming in for today and tomorrow a lot lighter than yesterday. lighter
5:49 am
rain but still with us saturday, sunday. next week it shapes up nicely temperatures near 70, more sun, the ground begins to dry out. >> george: we do have have the traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza. no hot spots around the bay area. i will update you on closures in the sierra and the moment. in the fast track lanes the biggest problems were reported for the bay bridge. they have cancelled the wind advisory as well as for the san mateo bridge as we continue with our bridge check. traffic is moving well here, better news for the ride there is no winds to contend with. the right through san jose the tail lights here had a past bowers great american parkway. windier there
5:50 am
as you can see. mention some closures in the sierra. interstate 80 is not expected to open for another six hours. chp says it will be likely noon before the reopen the lanes there. or could be that late. that is a major snag. 50 is open but chains are required there, change required on 88 and 4. but portions of both of those roads are closed down. >> darya: more trouble on highway one. a section between stinson beach and mill valley started collapsing. they closed the lane after a deep crack appeared. the ground under the
5:51 am
pavement is sinking. they are going to begin work on it today. power outages in the bay area, we have made progress. north bay 255 customers, south bay 345, the most is in pennsylvania 565 customers in the peninsula, at the east bay 80. they look like they say they will try to get everything up by 9:00 a.m. and noon. that is the best they can see right now. >> reporter: more cutbacks on the budget battle. he signed budget yesterday trying to reduce the deficit. he repeated calls to let people vote on whether or not to extend existing taxes. time free market
5:52 am
update investors have seen their wrecked worst fears eased the dow gained 85 points s&p up 12 points, and aztec surged 30 points. oracle corp. reported its quarterly profit is up 70%7. u.s. postal service wants to cut 7500 jobs. the post office says it will close as many as 2000 post offices of the next year. it has asked congress to scale back to a five day delivery schedule by cutting out saturday's. >> darya: nor no court today for barry bonds. yesterday it had
5:53 am
the feel of but chemistry class. for more than four hours his testimony explains the what's, wise, house of steroids and changes that they caused to the body. prosecutors alleges feet, hands, had crude 22 h the age. bowers testified about scientific studies that alleged abuse causes soft tissue swelling. one of the big stores free are following is the weather we will go into a wet weekend. we will be right back. we also have a baseball special this weekend as well. join gary he is hosting baseball by the
5:54 am
bay. he preview's the giants and the a's.
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5:57 am
>> darya: we are getting a rain east of berkeley ended in sausalito. no heavy stuff right now but we are waiting for more rain later today. >> reporter: it doesn't look like the sun will make an appearance until almost the end of next week. temperatures also rebound into the '70s. we will be right back.
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